solo parenting


I mentioned the long-lasting effects of divorce, then got this in the mail. It’s the child support balance after nearly thirteen years. I guess I can be slightly relieved that his child support debt is bigger than my school loans debt. And no children went hungry because of mine. Those school loans were, in fact, …

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growing up

They say time flies, but sometimes in life it slogs along in slow motion. That’s what it seems like right now, except for this: my kids aren’t so childlike anymore. My son just finished his freshman year of college; my daughter will be in high school this fall. And in circle-of-life style, she will be …

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Really it’s articles like this one from the Washington Post that serve to remind me why I find dating as a single mother such a scary proposition: Vitasek [the 47-year-old child molester] often targeted financially struggling single mothers, helping them with material items and showering their sons with gifts and attention, authorities said. Yes, I’ll …

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