Introducing the Hexy Bottom Bag

It’s here, at last–the Hexy Bottom Bag! The pattern has been written, edited, tested, edited again and finally, with the help of my daughter we got the photos taken and the pattern finished.

(insert cheers from the crowd here)  

I love how it turned out with a circle on the top, hexagon on the bottom. It’s big enough to store lots of stuff, but adding the little pockets keeps you from losing things.  I made up a bunch of these in the process of designing it and perfecting the pattern, so I’m using one as a scrap bucket on my sewing table. My daughter is using this one for her crochet stuff. A friend is using hers to store her rotary cutter, scissors, small rulers, etc. I’m thinking I might give some to my nephew for Christmas to store Legos in, too. I want to try it with laminated cotton, too, and stick a potted plant in it (sans pockets). It’d be cute, right?!

So many ideas! Share what you make with me by tagging #hexybottombag on IG. You can find the pattern on

Thank you Audrey, Kristi, Paula, Kathryn, Pat, Cassie, Jen, Peggy and Sam for all the help, feedback and support through the process.
Find out more on adding the pockets here.

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