What’s the fuss about the Sew Magnetic Cutting System ?

You might have seen some of the Instagram unboxing videos, but if you’re new to the idea of working with magnets in your sewing work, it might seem like a lot of hype. I’ve found it to be great–it has a 20″ x 24 cutting mat, a 6 1/2″ x 24 1/2″ ruler with embedded magnets, and booster magnets to increase the hold of the embedded magnets. It also works with the other SewTite magnets, making any ruler hold tight to the mat for accurate cutting.

This isn’t my first try with magnets, I’ve been using them for a few years now, so I’ve got a number of things I LOVE about it.

#1 Holding down fiddly little patterns

When pattern pieces get small, it gets a little scary using my fingers to hold them in place while cutting with a rotary cutter. The magnets hold those little pieces, like the corner template from the Sandhill Sling, in place and keep my fingers away from the blade.

#2 Holding squirrely fabric in position

When working with satins, silks, minky, or rayon, it can be hard to keep your fabric just where you want it. Using the magnets to hold the fabric straight, with or without the pattern piece, is super helpful. It’s almost impossible to do so otherwise and with the magnets, it’s both quick and simple.

#3 Keeping paper aligned for accurate cutting.

If you need to keep a pile of papers in place while cutting, here’s the solution. It worked perfectly to hold a stack of fifty back pages, then I then used my paper-only rotary cutter to chop in half.

I’ve used it numerous times to hold a pattern in place, instead of using any pins. I’ve also used it as an extra set of hands when trying to put a zipper pull back on. I’ve used it to hold my binding fabric in place after I’ve straightened one end and turn the whole board (without anything moving!) to start cutting strips.

As I continue to use it, I’ll post more about what it makes easier for me as a sewing, quilter and maker. If you’re interested in getting a SewTites Magnetic Cutting System, you can do so through my affiliate link: https://www.sewtites.com/products/sew-magnetic-cutting-system?ref=7jx6lf80 and save 15% with coupon code: MAKEWITHTERESA

Let me know if you have any questions, or want me to try something out with it, by leaving a comment below!

Happy Sewing!

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