Love amazes me

If you know me, you know I’ve been lacking in the “partner who adores me” category for most of my life. Nearly fifteen years since my divorce has left me…fine, I’ll admit it, slightly bitter about the whole idea of love. But this man makes me believe that there are couples who will really, truly, …

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We moved into our new place on December 1 and this is what the main room was looking like: The aparment is tiny, less than 500 square feet. Add to the lack of floor space, the fact that there is only one closet , in my daughter’s room, and we’ve got a real quandary. Where …

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Stormy Weather

Life has been a bit like the weather lately. Mostly dark, stormy and not enjoyable in the least. Every once in a while I can see a little blue sky on the horizon and it reminds me that it won’t stay like this forever. There will be days, perhaps months from now, that I will …

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Weekend Away

One of the real perks for being with the GuyFriend is that he forces me to slow down sometimes. I tend to have twenty-plus irons in the fire at all times and rarely feel like I can take a breath, let alone a day off to do nothing. My to-do list isn’t getting any shorter …

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Seriously? What are the odds?

I was the filling of a three-car pile-up on I-5. In my dad’s newly repairs red truck. The same one I was driving in November when I got hit. Spending this (finally!) sunny afternoon with an ice pack and pain meds.

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