Really it’s articles like this one from the Washington Post that serve to remind me why I find dating as a single mother such a scary proposition:

Vitasek [the 47-year-old child molester] often targeted financially struggling single mothers, helping them with material items and showering their sons with gifts and attention, authorities said.

Yes, I’ll continue being the financially struggling single mother for another four years, thankyouverymuch, rather than be a target for any man. Especially as my daughter gets older and the issues related to never having had a father raise their ugly head.

Truth be told though, this is one of the scariest aspects for me and has been something that nags at me whenever I meet someone new. Luckily the few (i.e. two) guys I’ve dated seriously in the last dozen years have been stellar men and never gave me the slightest worry. The GuyFriend has been magnificent with her, both a testament to his character as a man and a father (not for her, but for his own two).

Now as I look at being single for the remainder of her childhood, this article just serves to remind me why I’ve chosen to be picky and trust few. So far, it’s proven to be the right choice. Besides, I’ve got less than a handful of years to be Mom. I’m okay doing it alone. Really, she and I make a fine duo.


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