Gluten Free Bread, attempt #8432.

So it’s been what, five years since I went gluten-free? I have to alway compare it when we returned from Vietnam, so I guess it is more like 4 1/2 years. A while. There aren’t many times when I really feel like This sucks! except when I can smell fresh, homemade bread. And then I want to sit down and cry for a while knowing that I will never have that again.

Seriously sucks.

But there’s hope and I keep trying out bread after (fake) bread, hoping to find something that tastes remotely similar. I have found that I really like Udi’sfor sandwiches, still a rare treat at something close to $5/loaf. And then there’s the Gluten Free Pantry mix that is fairly close to the real deal according to my daughter (who can still comparison taste, unlike me).

But I’d love to find a way to make it at home because, well, that’s how I am. As has been pointed out, if there is a more time-consuming way to do something, that’s what I’ll do. shrug So I’m going to try out this recipe that I found via one of my favorite fabric designers, Daisy Janie (organics, whoop!).

Oh Yes, Brownies!

[Sorry for the lousy ipod pic, the good camera was with its owner today.]

It’s been nearly four years since I had a “real” brownie, or any other gluten-laden delight for that matter. But I keep trying to find gluten-free versions that will emulate the look and taste of the “real” thing. Yes, yes, I know I can make them for cheaper and probably as good or better, but when it’s just me I have to make it for… well, I like the ease of the package. Everyone else gets the homemade goodies.

Now I’ve tried a few different brownie mixes and I don’t particularly like Trader Joe’s version and there’s a non-dairy/non-gluten version out there that I keep mistakenly buying which I absolutely hate. It’s a big ol’ pan of oil every single time. Hate it. Even so, I can’t remember what it’s called and will probably buy it again at some point, excited that both the GuyFriend and I can eat it. I love every by Pamela’s Products, but not really her brownie mix. The pancake mix is the bomb, though. But this week, I finally found the gluten-free brownie mix that beats them all…Hodgson’s Mill. I haven’t seen the brand before and only found it because I was looking for sugar substitutes and it was there among the sugar-free/diabetic friendly offerings. I have no idea why because it isn’t sugar-free, but that’s where it was at Fred Meyer–not in the gluten-free section where it should be. The package makes it look like they’ll turn into those lousy, dense brownies you get out of vending machines, but I added about a cup of chocolate chips and a 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts and -bam- these were the absolute best brownies I’ve had in years. Delightful enough that there are only three brownies left (thanks, in large part, to my visiting nephew!).

Definitely recommended: Hodgson’s Mill Gluten Free Brownie Mix.

P.S. For all you gluten-free cooks/bakers out there, Pamela’s Products is having a recipe contest. You should enter. I might.