Oh Yes, Brownies!

[Sorry for the lousy ipod pic, the good camera was with its owner today.]

It’s been nearly four years since I had a “real” brownie, or any other gluten-laden delight for that matter. But I keep trying to find gluten-free versions that will emulate the look and taste of the “real” thing. Yes, yes, I know I can make them for cheaper and probably as good or better, but when it’s just me I have to make it for… well, I like the ease of the package. Everyone else gets the homemade goodies.

Now I’ve tried a few different brownie mixes and I don’t particularly like Trader Joe’s version and there’s a non-dairy/non-gluten version out there that I keep mistakenly buying which I absolutely hate. It’s a big ol’ pan of oil every single time. Hate it. Even so, I can’t remember what it’s called and will probably buy it again at some point, excited that both the GuyFriend and I can eat it. I love every by Pamela’s Products, but not really her brownie mix. The pancake mix is the bomb, though. But this week, I finally found the gluten-free brownie mix that beats them all…Hodgson’s Mill. I haven’t seen the brand before and only found it because I was looking for sugar substitutes and it was there among the sugar-free/diabetic friendly offerings. I have no idea why because it isn’t sugar-free, but that’s where it was at Fred Meyer–not in the gluten-free section where it should be. The package makes it look like they’ll turn into those lousy, dense brownies you get out of vending machines, but I added about a cup of chocolate chips and a 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts and -bam- these were the absolute best brownies I’ve had in years. Delightful enough that there are only three brownies left (thanks, in large part, to my visiting nephew!).

Definitely recommended: Hodgson’s Mill Gluten Free Brownie Mix.

P.S. For all you gluten-free cooks/bakers out there, Pamela’s Products is having a recipe contest. You should enter. I might.

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