So many ideas, so little time

I love summer break and the freedom to go and do as we please, but there are times when that loose scheduling really hampers my own big ideas.

I’ve been tossing around a design in my head for little lunch money wallets (and bigger versions for bigger folks) for weeks now. I actually thought about it as I was biking around Belize. I had no place to put my little wallet since I was just wearing a sundress. I tucked it here and there–you know, under the bra strap, into the cleavage, wedged under my instep–but nothing really worked. I wanted something small and attached to me. Not like those travel wallets that fit under your clothes, I needed it to be accessible.

The designs have been tossing around and getting re-configured in my mind, but with my sister’s visit from southern California and the numerous cousins running around the house, not much has happened. But today is the last day (for a week) that we’ll have visitors, so tomorrow it happens. Prototypes start getting made and we’ll see if I have something to show for it by Friday. I also have a dress to make this week, so there are no promises. But with either the dress or the wallets, I’ll finally be back at my sewing machine and happy as a little clam.

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