How to Sew a Minky Binding [Sew Together Tuesday]

There are lots of things that intimidate sewists about working with Cuddle® minky, but I think the task that freaks people out the most is using it for quilt binding. It seems like a crazy idea at first, then you do it and see how great it looks and feels. Sorta like using it for quilt backings; once you try it, you’ll want to do with most of your quilts.

A few weeks ago, we tackled Cuddle® binding for our Sew Together Tuesday and if you’re thinking about doing it yourself, this is a good place to start. I show different Luxe Cuddle® fabrics and which work best for bindings, which stitches you might want to try and give some tool tips that can be helpful.

There are a couple more we’ve done in the past, in case you didn’t get enough in the above video tutorial:

Long story short is that it takes a few different techniques and a couple different tools, but binding your quilts (especially those backed with Cuddle®!) with a Luxe Cuddle® is pretty easy and really beautiful. Give it a try and if you have any questions, just leave me a comment below.

Happy sewing!

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