Happy Anniversary, Fairfield!

You know the good ol’ Poly-Fil stuffing, I’m sure, but did you know there’s a whole lot that Fairfield makes, beyond this basic stuffing?!

One of my favorite products is their Poly-Fil Royal Silk, a softer, silkier version of the standard Poly-Fil. I’ve used it in a variety of projects and I love how soft it makes stuffed animals without getting clumpy. Stuffing seems like something so basic that there can’t be much variety in the quality, but I’m here to tell you there is and it is totally worth the extra cost.

I used Royal Silk in the cute little No. 2 Pencil Pillow pattern [free download] we just did over at Shannon Fabrics and it turned out so freakin’ cute! I made it once with the regular ol’ Poly-Fil and unfortunately it turned out lumpy and bumpy. At this age, no one wants the lumps to show, so I re-stuffed it with Royal Silk and I am just so much happier..

With sewing, I’m always trying to find the products that make my job easier with a better finish and this is one of them, but they have some other products I really love.

Poly-Pellets: These small, plastic beads are great for making the best stuffed animals. I usually make a little cotton packet to put them in (insider secret: use a funnel!) and then pop them into the legs, arms and/or bum of the stuffie, then continue with the Royal Silk stuffing. It makes them sit up nicely and adds some heft to the toy.

Shield Liner Fabric: I had no idea they made something like this until they sent a package to try and I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve used it for a few things: coasters, tote bag and pillow case. Each was a project I didn’t want moisture coming through and sure enough, it worked. I really like it in my quilted coasters because then they don’t soak up the condensation from the glass (and thereby doesn’t soak into my tabletop!). Cool stuff.

Feather-Fil Pillow Inserts: I love throw pillows but I want then suitable for curling up with on the couch for a little nap and these are perfect. They are a down/feather blend with a poke-proof cover, so they’ll let your head sink into it without any bits of feather stabbing through. Perfection.

I am always glad to have good quality notions and I’m happy to say that Fairfield really is one of the best. Happy 80th Anniversary, Fairfield and here’s to many, many more years!

Happy sewing!

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