How to Sew a Cotton Binding on a Cuddle Blanket [Sew Together Tuesday]

This week we got to join forces with my friend Liz from and share a tutorial that she did on their site years ago. The Soft Elegance Big Bound Blanket originally used a fabric that Shannon Fabrics no longer makes, so I substituted in the Buffalo Check Cuddle. Combine that with Luxe Cuddle Sherpa and Carolyn Friedlander cotton… ooohh la la, you got a beaut.

I’d never bound a Cuddle® blanket with cotton (though I have done the opposite!), so I was a bit surprised by how very much I liked it. The cotton gives you lots of play in designs/colors because there are about 80 billion different cotton prints out there. I chose one that I particularly love, the 104″ Architextures that I’d bought a half yard of out at SLO’s Picking Daisies. It was great, though if I’d have had the time, I probably could have found a half dozen more fabrics that “would be just perfect!”

Check how it turned out….

Also! has these fab “Sewing: A Real Life Survival Skills” patches they are selling and since we’ve all realized that sewing is a great skill for an apocalypse, it’s the perfect patch for right now. You can find it on their Etsy site.

Happy sewing!

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