Handmade Holidays Time!

hh2015I’m excited to be the one to kick off the Handmade Holidays over at Sew,Mama,Sew! If you’re new to the series, you’re gonna love this. Every year Handmade Holidays runs through November, each day offering up tutorials gathered by a variety of designers, authors, and bloggers.

My focus was Gifts for Crafty People and I included tutorials for a pincushion, apron, clock, lanyard, crochet hook case and my own needle book. Plus there are a couple of my favorite recipes (mmm!) and some printables.

HexyBottomBag_coverGo check it out and then come back here and tell me which one you’re mostly like to use. I love hearing what other people like! I’ll be giving away two copies of my Hexy Bottom Bag pattern next Sunday (11/8), picking randomly from the comments you leave here.

Don’t forget that you  get a chance to win one of three books by commenting over at Sew,Mama,Sew!, so make sure and do that, too.

48 comments on “Handmade Holidays Time!
  1. Debbie says:

    I’m most likely to make Noodlehead’s pincushion. Though that soup looks tempting too! I appreciated your collection – thanks!

  2. kathyh says:

    I’ve been eyeing the scissor cozy for a few friends. Also the crochet hook organizer.

  3. Trinity says:

    The scissor cozy is definitely on my list of things to make!!

  4. Erin Gustafson says:

    what a great collection (and that cake looks amazing!)

  5. sophie says:

    There are a few gift ideas I liked for friends, but I will definitely make the scissors cozy for myself. Thanks for the giveway–next Sunday is my birthday … I am hoping for some birthday luck.

  6. Sandy Hickson Ross says:

    I need that crochet hook case! I think I have to make some of those gift tags though.

  7. Liz says:

    Those were all great ideas. I’m already getting my supplies ready for the scissors cozy. Why have I never thought of that before?

  8. Beth says:

    I think it is a toss up between the soup and the scissors cozy!

  9. Miranda Evans says:

    I love the lanyard! We’re moving to a badge system for a lot of doors in our office, so it’s perfect toming for co-worker christmas gifts.

  10. Vicki Cavazos says:

    That crafting apron is my favorite! Lots of cute details while still being simple. I think I might gift one to myself 😉

  11. made byjane says:

    I like the crafting apron because I’m imagining myself as this super organized mom who always has a pencil, tape, scissors, tissue, etc. handy… Instead of the messy-house-mom that I am 😉

  12. ElaineML says:

    Needle book or the lanyard. Can’t decide-maybe I should just make both!

  13. Kat Gray says:

    I’d love to make the needlebook for my mum.

  14. Cheri M says:

    I love the needle book! My grand daughters would love them too!

  15. Marian Allen says:

    I am already planning to make the zipped scissor case! So many choices and so much fun

  16. OhioLori says:

    I would make a few Scissor Cozy’s! Have two Daughter’s & a Sister & BBF that Quilt & Stitch…& of course..one for myself! lol Would definitely make your Sweet Potato, Carrot soup …what a great soup on cold winter days!

  17. Mickie Geri Farris says:

    I love the embroidery hoop clock!!

  18. Garilyn says:

    I love the crafty apron and I’m definitely checking out your pin cushions. I don’t have one and could really use one.

  19. TheGranChris . says:

    The needle book or scissors cozy would be great gifts.

  20. Sharon says:

    The Scissors Cozy is my pick, I travel to sewing a lot and this would keep my precious scissors safe.

  21. Judith says:

    I’m definitely making the lanyard. My embroidery scissors always seem to find their way to the bottom of my basket, so the lanyard will help keep them close to hand.

  22. Kathryn says:

    I would like to make the Next Bottom Bag, I have a friend who would like to start crocheting and it would make a lovely Christmas present with some yarn and a few hooks inside.

  23. Shawna Buckley Glover says:

    The scissor cozy and needle book are on my to-do list, thank you for the tutorial!

  24. Terri Espinosa says:

    I love the scissor cozy and the needle book. I would love both for myself. : )

  25. Deborah Schuringa says:

    Love the Hexi Bottom Bag!! Cannot wait to try it !

    • Thanks so much! Don’t forget to share your finished bag with me–I love to see what other people do with the pattern. You can #hexybottombag on IG to make it easy. 🙂

  26. D Meredith says:

    I’ll be making the lanyard and scissor cozy for sure! Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. Chris Peterson says:

    I love the Hexi Bottom Bag and will be making the scissors cozy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Bekk says:

    I like the scissor cozy. It would be handy for craft days out.

  29. Aimee Rose Formo says:

    I love the Hexi Bottom Bag–I need many of these to keep things organized around my crafting space.

  30. Sharon says:

    I would love to make the scissor cozy, It looks so cute. But then all your items are darling,

  31. Ginger Snaps Lewis says:

    I love the little pincushions. My mother and ex-mother-in-law are both excellent sewists and I think they would love these. And the needle book too since they both travel to sewing and quilting guilds/meetings.

  32. joyce hancock says:

    I love the lanyard and scissors cozy. Both items I have been meaning to make for quite awhile.

  33. Leslie Schmidt says:

    I like Svetlana’s scissors pouch, but I think I would first have to make one of your needle books. I have a tendency to stick my favorite hand sewing needles into a pincushion with other needles, and then I can’t find the good one when I need it! I would have to be selfish and make something for myself first.

  34. Vicki H says:

    I like the scissor cozy and crafty apron.

  35. Donna Crum says:

    I am so glad to have been introduced to your blog through SMS. And love the bag!

  36. Béatrice says:

    I like the scissors cozy .

  37. Beth K says:

    I like the scissor cozy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Cindy Hansen says:

    I need to make a needle book. All these years of sewing and I still don’t have one!

  39. Rachel Bates says:

    I love the scizzor case. Funnnnn.

  40. Lydia Reading says:

    The needle book, the lanyard and the scissors cozy. Helps to have them in sight to locate needles and scissors in a messy sewing room.

  41. craftytammie says:

    I really liked the wagon wheel pincushion! I will have to make one of those. I was gifted a needlecase similar to the one shown and I love it.

  42. kimberlee says:

    I would make your bag out of all of those, I love making bags.

  43. Deb H. says:

    I can’t wait to make the scissor cozy. We travel a lot and I need something to protect my clothes from the sharp scissor edges.

  44. Jaime says:

    Tough call, I can see myself using the scissors cozy and your hexie bottom bag.

  45. Rebecca says:

    I love the needle little case, would make a great little gift for Christmas. My mother who is 93 is still doing counted cross stitch, with this her needles would always be close. thank you

  46. Jen K says:

    The needle books are cute. They’d make great gifts for my stitching friends.

  47. Rose Santuci-Sofranko says:

    I really like the embroidery hoop clock! Too cool! Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist @ aol.com