Bespoke Baby Quilt: Start to Finish

I love when clients send me pics because this is why I make quilts:

The first quilt I made was for my son, twenty-three years ago. Since then I’ve made dozens more, both for my family members and for clients.  Every time I make one, I imagine how it will not only wrap the little one in love, but it will also be drooled on, chewed, dragged, and dirtied, then washed and dried so it can start all over again. My favorite thing may be a love-worn baby quilt.

Honeycomb Baby Quilt But they start as just an idea. The latest (with the sweet baby on it above) began with a pinned picture of a quilt that the client wanted to use as inspiration. Then we went shopping at Fabric Depot. She wanted happy colors, somewhat rainbow-isn, with a smattering of animals and especially turtles (the mom-to-be’s favorite animal).

Then I set to work figuring out a pattern. I cut 5-inch strips of each fabric and cut seven 60-degree triangles from each strip.

I Crinkle Dreams quiltsewed 7/8″ strips of white Kona Cotton to each and trimmed the triangles again. This happened in a backwards order, but that is sometimes how it happens when I am figuring out a pattern.

Funny thing is, though I didn’t know it until I was done, Elizabeth Hartman has almost this exact same pattern in her book Modern Patchwork: 12 Quilts to Take You Beyond the Basics. If you want to make one, I’d suggest you get her book and do it the easy way.


I sewed sets of three together, then worked on the layout for a bit until I settled on one both the client and I were happy with.


Each row was sewn together, matching points carefully.

Then I quilted the little thing, creating an oversized triangle pattern on the back that echoed the shape on the front. IMG_6534

In the end, both client and I were happy with the quilt and even more importantly, Mom and Baby loved it. That’s the whole point, right?


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