Cuddle 101: The Basics

Recently, I did a little Facebook Live for Shannon Fabrics to share information on using Cuddle minky fabrics and I figured this was as good a place as any to share it. If you’re thinking about using Cuddle, give it a few minutes and learn a few of the insider tips. Happy sewing!

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How To: Make A Coffee Cozy

Maybe you love the paper sleeves you get on your cup of joe (or cocoa or chai or whatever your beverage of choice is), but maybe you’re looking for a bit of pizzazz to throw on that boring ol’ cup. Something with some personality. I’ve made up some little kits to make your own, including […]

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How to Make: Start the Popover Sundress

I wanted to find a quick and easy pattern for the orphans’ dresses, so when I found this one from Oliver+S, I thought it might just be the one. I’ve used their new Straight Stitch Society patterns [did I really not take any photos?!] and really love the way they put them together and explain […]

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Boys like Creepers, right?

It’s time to make Xmas gifts. Okay, long past time, but life’s been wonky for a while. I just recently got started on gifts for my best bud’s kids. For his daughter (the one who got the owl coat), I decided to make doll clothes. I’ve whipped up a couple of things, but don’t love […]