Sew Together Tuesday: How to use Cuddle® Minky to Self-Bind a Cotton Quilt

This week I’m talking all about using Cuddle® on your cotton quilt, in particular about how to wrap the backing around and make an easy binding with Cuddle®. I’ll be live at 10am PDT/1pm EDT on Tuesday, June 14.

To help you out, I’ve made this PDF for reference to know how to make a mitered corner with Cuddle® and how to figure out the sizes to cut both the batting and backing.

Download the PDF: How to Make a Self-Bound Quilt

I love this technique and makes for a very quick finish on all quilts of all size. Give it a try on a small quilt block to see how it works, then go ahead and use it on a large bed quilt to finish the binding with no hand-sewing. 🙂

Glam Clam Quilt (Latifah Saafir Studios) with Sparkle Cuddle® Glitter Navy/Silver backing and binding

Happy sewing!

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