Parents, Paper Piecing and KC Maker Studio & Fabrics

After a nice weekend in southern Kansas, we made our way up to Kansas City on Sunday afternoon. I knew it was going to be a special Sew Together Tuesday for a couple of reasons: we were using my friend Sam Hunter’s “Bloomin’ Too” pattern and we were visiting a brand new shop: KC Maker Studio & Fabrics.

We’d worked together with Hunter’s Design Studio to get her patterns in stock for the event, plus she had all the Sweet Strips and a nice variety of Cuddle® fabrics in stock, ready to go. I felt pretty good about it, despite not having as much prep time as I would have wished.

As we were getting set up and I was making a post on Facebook about the day’s show, Hawke told me I needed to help him get something in the RV, so I started heading that way, still typing away and he started recording…

My parents had driven all the way from southwest Washington, across the country, to Kansas City to be there in time to watch my Live in-person! To say I was surprised would be the understatement of the year. I lost it, pretty much completely for a bit, but when I got myself back together they filled me in about the trip and how they’d managed to keep it a secret thanks to shop owner Patti being really, really good at keeping her mouth shut. Turns out she knew the whole time (the whole time!) that they were coming, but in all our conversations she didn’t make even the slightest hint that they were going to be there.

Dad, Mom, and me –looking like a deer in the headlights

It was so much fun to be able to share the Sew Together Tuesday event with my parents and have them actually see what we’ve been doing out here on the road. The whole production is pretty crazy to me and it’s kinda hard to explain what’s happening behind the scenes, which made it extra special to just have them there. Especially as a total surprise!

Then my mom stuck around for the rest of the classes, which I absolutely loved. We worked on the Beginner Box projects with a dozen other ladies in the afternoon and then, the next day, we made Bondi Tops using Embrace® double gauze. Check out how cute she is in her new top (and spy how great the classroom is at KC Maker Studio & Fabrics!):

My mom, Peggy, in her Bondi Top (pattern from Sew to Grow, Embrace double gauze by Shannon Fabrics).

We had such a wonderful time and you can check out the Sew Together Tuesday below:

Happy sewing!

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    1. My mom tried to reach me when I was younger, but I waited till my 20s to get interested. I taught myself through vintage sewing books.

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