WIP: Simplicity 2564

20120410-204734.jpgI’ve been so freakin’ excited about this pattern, I had to get to work on it asap. Of course. So, Saturday night, when I had to stay up late anyway to pick my daughter up from a babysitting gig, I traced pattern pieces and the next morning cut out a trial version from an old sheet. Full disclosure: the sheet was given to me. I would never buy leopard tone-on-tone sheets. (Unless they were super cheap and I could cut them up.)

So I ironed each tissue piece with a low heat iron, glued 8-1/2″x11″ papers together (my paper roll for tracing still hasn’t made it over in the move), then traced each pattern piece out as carefully as possible.

The thing with old patterns is that there aren’t a lot of marking, just some holes here and there. I made sure to trace them all; some are for stitching lines and others, like on the pieces below, are grainlines.


Glorious morning sun on the big ol’ sheet.


The dress whipped together super fast and the fit was pretty good. The pattern calls for some funky construction for the bodice/skirt and I only did it somewhat like the primer says, mostly because I just wanted to see if it would fit, but a little because it was confusing.

20120410-204907.jpg 20120410-204924.jpg


I may a few revisions–cut the front a bit shorter and took 7(!) inches off the hem. Cut out and ready to go. Just gotta find the fabric.

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