So last month (or was it late February?) I signed up for a Covert Round Robin swap through Rachel’s Imagine Gnats blog. Of course, I didn’t realize I’d be moving a couple weeks later, which put a real crunch in a lot of things. Not only did I have less time to devote to what I was making, it meant that the gift coming for me took much longer having to be forwarded to the new address. But I finally got it and I’m thrilled!

Deanna from Little D and Me made me this candy-colored bunting. I wasn’t sure what I might do with it (hang it over the door at work? across my section of the closet?), but realized that the daughter might like it. Sure ‘nough, it’s going up in her room above her bed. It’s bound to make for some sunnier mornings when this is the first thing you see. 20120412-102928.jpg

Then she gave this cute little pouch. I love the little hexies (something I’ve wanted to try, but stiiiillll haven’t) and the colors are so happy. I don’t know why I don’t sew with more color, but really it ends up being a lot of darks for me, despite my love of color. But Deanna took care of that and used the dark denim and bright hexies. I love the orange one and the orange stitching down the sides. Just cute!


Because I’m kind of a sewing snob (not one of my winning qualities, I’ll admit), I had to check out the stitching and she did an awesome job with it. Yay for straight stitching!


But the best part? The embroidered “T” on the back. I’m kind of a sucker for initials on things and this made it all the more special. Love it. Really.


Thanks so very much, Deanna!

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