Sewing for Orphans update


To put it mildly, this sewing drive has been more than expected. I was hoping to round up enough people to make a hundred items. In the end, I have more than 100 dresses.

{and then I was interrupted by the doorbell and more packages arriving}

I don’t know how many items I received in total, only that there were 91 Popover dresses at yesterday’s count and I’m sure there are more in the boxes I just got.

I’m still processing it all and while it is physically a tad overwhelming and we now have clothes for the orphans in the garage, entrance way and dining room,  I feel awe for the love that pours out from total strangers. I’m gathering everyone’s name, addresses and donations in a  spreadsheet. I’ll thank everyone in a big ol’ message next week once I can get them all typed in.

Until then, know that I have never felt so honored to head up a project of any sort. This has blown my mind.


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  1. Elnora Chambers

    Yayyyy! So glad the “event” was wildly successful, Teresa! I look forward to hearing how many items you received!

  2. Hi there! I ran across your blog when I Google “sew dresses for orphans…” are you still doing this? I would love to help out! Please let me know. Thanks!

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