Sew Together Tuesday: Conversation Hearts

If you’re anything like me, you grew up with those candy hearts as a part of every February. I not-so-secretly still love them, so when the idea was tossed around to make our own conversation hearts for Sew Together Tuesday, I jumped at the idea. And I’m so glad I did, they turned out so great!

I worked on this in between classes at Road to California and wasn’t quite sure I’d be able to pull it off, but with the help of Hawke, Mary (my friends and fellow Shannon Fabrics Brand Ambassador) and Shannon Fabrics pattern writer, Rose, it all came together the morning of the show. Phew!

I had never used a Brother machine before, but the folks at Mulqueen Sewing let me try out the Luminaire since it will do both the sewing and the quilting. Truly genius and such a great perk to have it, but it was definitely a stress realizing that I didn’t have the foot pedal and was going to have to sew with the buttons. I tried out all sorts of things on the show and overall, it went pretty well, but really, it would be easier with a little more prep time. We talked all about different types of applique, embroidery, stabilizers and fiberfill.

After the show, we got to hang out with the folks and answer some questions, sign some tote bags and mugs, then most of us headed over to Picazzo’s for lunch. All the pasta is gluten-free, so I was happy as a clam and had Mac-n-Cheese and a Caesar Salad with croutons for the first time in years. I had such a good time just chatting with everyone in a super low key setting and was so grateful for just a chill afternoon.

Thanks to everyone who came, especially my Mom, her cousins and our North Dakota friend Kristie. It was a short visit, but just what I needed before we head back up to Las Vegas to get the repaired RV and return the rental.

Until next week, happy sewing!

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