Pacific NW Modern Quilt Guilds Meet

I’ve had good intentions of being active in the Portland Modern Quilt Guild, but life and kids and work and doctor visits all seem to thwart my valiant attempts. I make it to the monthly meetings every other time, if I’m lucky.

So when the Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guilds meet-up was announced, I figured I could plan for that one and jump in with two feet. Luckily all the ladies from Portland, Seattle and Vancouver were super nice and welcoming. It was nice to finally talk to people I’d seen present beautiful quilts at the meetings, but had always been afraid to talk to. I got to meet Sonja from Artisania, too, which made me uber-happy. I really love, love, love her piecing patterns.  Check out my favorite one.

We hung out the Island Quilter for hours and I finally got my hands on both Violet Craft’s “Memoir” fabric from her recent Madrona Road Collection and a sewing machine. It’s really been too long. I’ve been doing plenty of hand-stitching lately, but being at a machine just makes me so damn happy.


We visited the West Seattle Fabric Company where I bought another book from Kay Whitt/Serendipity Studio.





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  1. Our weekend was sooo much fun!  I’m glad you made and it was nice meeting you.  Hope you can attend next year too!

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