Gratitude from A-Z

Apples on sale for 68 cents a pound
Bun Cha Hanoi, especially in Hanoi
Children who run to hug me
Dancing like mad on Friday nights
Eric for making me happy
Friends who have my back no matter what
Gluten-free bread that actually tastes good
Housemates we like
Internet access, without it I’d be lost
Jogging, even though I still hate it for the first ten minutes
Knowing that I am cared for and about
Lounging around with friends at the beach house
My sister who cares that I have GF food to eat at family dinners
Nights out with Jaymee who will listen to me go on and on and on
Opportunities to grow and learn from
Paychecks, even when they are infrequent and too small
Quilting skills I picked up along the way
Rent that I can almost afford
Students who have kept in touch over the last few years
Teaching in whatever way I can
Understanding life better
Vietnam for changing my view on the world
Water that doesn’t have to be boiled
X… without my ex I wouldn’t have these great kiddos
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Zebra-painted horses that gave me a laugh in Sam Son

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