From Idea to Quilt

I’ve been wanting to get back into the teaching game since I returned to Portland, but first I had to find a place to live and a job. Now that both those needs are satisfied, I can start teaching again, at last!

I’ve long-loved curve piecing and while the Winding Ways block is clearly my favorite, I knew I wanted to start with a simpler design to teach. Something that was slightly out of reach for some people, but didn’t seem impossible.punchdrunkquilt_draft

Hence, the quarter-circle (aka Drunkard’s Path) block.

I am just learning Illustrator and not very good at it yet, but I did manage to make this little mock-up for the quilt I wanted to make.  I’d already picked out the fabrics (a bunch of polka dots from Michael Miller Fabrics).

Then I made it up with the EZ Quilting Drunkard’s Path templates (but Jen of Betty Crocker Ass offers them in a few other sizes if you want to give them a try).  It turned out pretty well, I thought.

Until Charlene quilted it up and then I loved it. 🙂


It’s been kinda fun seeing it hanging up in the store the last couple weeks and I’m trying to get over the couple of misalignments that I left in there. You know… trying to accept my faults, even in quilting.  Who knew it could be so hard?!



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