I Love Good Mail

When I opened the mailbox and saw the return address of U.S. Government Official Mail my heart did a momentary, panicked stop. What now?! Then I opened, saw my tattered birth certificate and realized that my key to leaving this place was inside. Oh yes, it was my passport! I’m unnecessarily excited, but after all …

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Glad it isn’t Me This Time

We’ve got a new baby in the family! My youngest sister had her second child yesterday–a boy they named Alexander Paul. I’m an auntie 8 times over now. How fun is that?! To make it blog related…. I will have to figure out a way to see the babe before we leave the States.

Snail’s Pace

We have received a few donations now (latest from an internet friend-$75); sure does make me feel better about the whole idea, especially since family support is none too strong. I also managed to score another big sewing job, so that certainly helps. Of course, it leaves me with little time to finish homework, which …

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Migraines, financial ghosts from the past and last-minute homework are disturbing my plans and I don’t like it.


So it seems that word is getting out to family that I hadn’t intended to inform of our plans quite yet. First my ex-in-laws found out when their son (the kids’ father) emailed them, Has excited about our trip. Oops. So I brought it up and explained it to everyone at the dinner table a …

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Thursday After meeting up with a woman about a new job I’m taking on (reviewing family movies), I headed off to school, then work at OLI to make some copies, then back to get the kids out of school early so we could get to the passport office and in line before 3:30pm. We made …

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Let the Paperwork Begin

Never having  traveled further abroad than Vancouver, British Columbia I haven’t had a reason to get a passport until now. So we took pictures yesterday and I manipulated them in Photoshop. I hope I got it right. I’ll take them in to Fred Meyer and get them printed out today. Then we’ll head to the …

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Deciding to go to Vietnam

I’ve wanted to see beyond the Pacific Northwest for as long as I’ve been considered an adult. I married a man who’d spent the previous decade traveling throughout America with his family, then settled into the Portland area, making it only as far as San Francisco in the entire decade we were together. Somehow we both …

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