Quilting for a cause

I’d made this quilt a couple of weeks ago and was going to put it up on Etsy until I heard about the Quilts for Quake Survivors. My housemates were in Japan during the quake, so it hit a lot closer to home than expected. We have former exchange students in Japan, too, and maybe […]


Where have I been?

A half-dozen years ago I was allll about the sewing; I was making all sorts of vintage reproductions–aprons, bathing suits, high-waisted Hollywood pants and bias-cut dresses. I knew a few local women, peripherally, who were doing the same thing, but mostly I just isolated myself in my sewing room. Funny thing is, all these years […]


Love the rotary

I bought a new blade for the rotary cutter (amazing what a difference a fresh blade makes!) and got to work on some new projects. I cut out and sewed a dozen wallets today, then got started on a pinwheel quilt. I had most of the colors in the stash, already cut into four-inch squares, […]

at home

Some 18-year-olds get cars

There are a lot of things a kid can miss out when they’ve only got one parent, but what my kids have missed the most wasn’t someone to play baseball with or someone to teach them how to shave or draw or make music. What my kids really missed out on was that second income. […]