WIP Whatever

What I’ll be finishing up this weekend while recuperating from the car crash…

I started working on this a couple of nights ago and I’m loving how the poly batting is making it so puffy and magical. Kinda like snow, don’t ya think? And the red with the black, always a favorite, plus it goes perfectly with the backing. Of course, I neglected to take a picture of it, so you just gotta believe me–it’s perfect!

The one thing I don’t love about this project? The finger-pricking. I just keep stabbing my poor little finger with that darn needle, trying to find the right spot to go in and come out of. For the first quilting session, I got to use one of these cute little Poke-a-Dots. I got a sample one at Quilt Market in Houston (brought home stuck to my name tag). I wish I’d bought a whole box there, but I wasn’t sure I’d love them. I do and I need them. Now.

My left index finger is already protesting, but I need to get this finished. My motivation for completing every painful stitch? I get to put the Xmas tree up! It’s been an amazingly difficult year, capped by a nasty rear-ender last week that’s left me much less ambulatory and joyful than I was hoping for this holiday season.

This little skirt and the tree it will grace are bound to help me feel the Christmas spirit a bit more. My first tree skirt in our own little house… it’ll be great. I just have to get it done!

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