So, I guess I learned my lesson… I managed to, in one click of the ‘OK’ button, delete my entire blog. Two years worth of blog posts gone. I’m still a little flummoxed at this point, but I’ll start re-building it tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will face the consequences of what I did and see just what I might be able to do to re-construct what I lost.

4 thoughts on “Whoops”

    1. Oh yes, I did. Changed hosts and spaced the whole back-up idea until I realized that while WP is the template, they keep none of my files. I feel like an idiot. At least I can rest assured that I have backed up the family blog (five years worth!).

      So yeah, back to the drawing board. Sad.

  1. Oh, Teresa, how awful. My heart just dropped into my stomach on your behalf. I’m so sorry that happened to you.

    Would it make you feel any better to know I did a similar thing when I got a new laptop last summer? Instead of transferring my files to a jump drive as I thought I was, I was actually permanently deleting them. Misery loves company maybe? 🙁

    1. Kristin, It does help me feel like I am not alone in my “I thought it was working” naïveté. Lesson learned, for both of us.

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