through his eyes

Thanks to our good friend, Keith, my son has a wonderful little digital camera that he uses all the time. I particularly love it when he takes it on our little excursions. Sifting through the photos I get to see the activities through his eyes, something that is getting rarer as he gets older. Yesterday, we headed north to my sister’s city of residence and wandered around the city park, watching the small town “fun” of log-chopping and elephant ears. S. asked to go down to the lake to take some photos, I okayed it and off he went. Last night I downloaded the photos and was impressed, yet again, by the lovely images he had captured.

This is my favorite: S.'s view of the lily pads

He’s currently working on collecting photos for a book that we’ll make for the school we work at in Viet Nam, including photos of his school here, downtown Portland, the forest and tree fort at his grandparent’s house and typical tourist spots that we’ve visited. I am eagerly looking forward to the photos he takes while we are abroad.

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