Taking over the world


It seems that Amazon has gone ahead and taken over yet another company, this time it’s Goodreads. I find it both disappointing and a little frightening. They already took over Audible and now Goodreads, all in the name of making it easier for their Kindle customers. I don’t particularly like it, but plenty are already talking about in much clearer terms that I can and with good points from each angle. I’ll let you form your own opinion. I’m getting back to writing my own book.

Turow on Amazon/Goodreads: This is how monopolies can be built (Author’s Guild)

Turning My Back on Goodreads (Katie Fransen via HuffPost)

The Amazon-is-bad-for-readers meme (Chuck Wendig)

Why Didn’t Someone Else Buy Goodreads Before Amazon? (Forbes)

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