The first pair!

Okay, how freakin’ awesome are these shorts?!


Recognize the fabric? It’s one of my favorite designers–Laurie Wisbrun‘s Urban Circus line. And get this…


For my little orphanage project!

I’m so incredibly grateful for Laurie, and the half-dozen other ladies who’ve contacted me, wanting to help out. And then Threadbias had me do a guest post, which was fairly awesome in and of itself.

Just pluggin’ right along. A donation of shorts here, a few dollars there. Thank you, each and every one of you.

P.S. Laurie used the tutorial from Dana Made It, here.

Boys like Creepers, right?

It’s time to make Xmas gifts. Okay, long past time, but life’s been wonky for a while. I just recently got started on gifts for my best bud’s kids. For his daughter (the one who got the owl coat), I decided to make doll clothes. I’ve whipped up a couple of things, but don’t love them enough to post. I need to use some different fabric, better suited for tiny dresses. Plus I need some corduroy for those little overalls. She just recently was gifted one of the American Girl dolls and -shrug- I figured she could use some more clothes for it. Besides they are quick projects, something that is important at the last minute and with arms that hurt so much.

For his 13yo son, though, I was stumped. I told my daughter I was trying to think of something that I could make for him that would relate to one of video game obsessions. I figured there had to be something with Minecraft that I could make; I just couldn’t think of anything.

She’s a smart one, that girl, and without a moment of hesitation suggested a Creeper stuffie. Of course, I was clueless as to what exactly a Creeper is, but Google’s here to save my brain from having to know all this. Phew.

Last night I got started, jotting down sizes and taking some inspiration from this tutorial. I wanted to add some quilting to make it look more like blocks and used a batik from Mary Fisher’s new collection.

I cut out 4 1/2-inch squares of the green fabric, 4 1/4-inch squares of fusible batting. Using scrap black and Wonder Under, I made the little face. The eyes are 3/4-inch squares and the mouth is a 1 1/2-inch square with snips in it. I was supposed to applique them on at this point, but I forgot and had reached the stuffing point before I realized my mistake and had to hand-stitch them in place.

Ironed all the pieces together:

Then set to quilting them. I had to make it work around the face, so the stitching lines are about 3/4-inch apart. I just chain stitched them, moving my handy star magnet with each new quilting line. [The blue tape marks 1/2-inch, the Izzy sticker under it is at 5/8-inch and star magnet moves wherever I want it to–there is logic, I swear!]

Each block got 8 quilting lines and I didn’t back them at all.

The I stitched them together (I’ll show that part better when I do the body), snipped it, turned, stuffed it and  -bam- it’s a Creeper head! It’s all Christmas-y with the red ball garland. 🙂

Sewing for Boys?!

I wish these ladies had been around about 17 years ago when my son was young and I could sew for him. Okay, well, I still do sew for him sometimes, but not the cute little clothes that they have in Sewing for Boys. The book just slid across my desk at work a few days ago and I’m pretty stoked to put it to use. I think I’m gonna try the Luka Hoodie for my little nephew in Cali. Seems like it would be light enough for southern California winters–a bit more than a windbreaker, but waaaaay cuter!

Working, Sewing, Quilting

It all keeps happening, despite the headaches and the sick daughter.

I’ve been working on the little boy’s quilt, heading out to a nephew nowhere near me quite soon. I was originally going to make it for another nephew, but my daughter pointed at that he really loves super heroes and crime fighters, not cute monkeys and chevrons. So, instead, it will go to a nephew I haven’t had the joy of seeing in a couple of years (and therefore have no idea if he’ll like monkey or chevrons). I know his mom, though, and she’ll think it’s adorable.

Maya's jacket, in the beginning
Then there’s the coat project–another gift, this time for my bff’s daughter. She turns 10 on Friday and I wanted to make her something, mostly because I love handmade gifts. I found this awesomely adorable owl corduroy and eventually stumbled onto this Alexander Henry “Pumpkins in a Line” print for the lining. So far, so good. The corduroy was a bit on the light side, so I underlined the whole thing with some extra denim I had. Now it’ll be toasty warm and have a bit more body. The pattern I’m using, Kwik Sew 3818, isn’t lined, but I just can’t bear to make a jacket with exposed seams. Maybe if I had a serger? It’s coming alone nicely though and with a couple more hours to put into it tonight I think it just might be ready for gift giving on Thursday.

Kate's "Terrain" line quilt top
The third project for the week is the quilting of Kate Spain‘s quilt top. She sent it to me a week ago or so along with some fabrics for the backing. I pieced that together over the weekend and made a nice little quilt sandwich, but have been stuck on the quilting design. With only my Pfaff to do it, there’s no fancy-schmancy stuff going on. But that’s okay, it’s a utilitarian quilt, destined for someone who really needs it, not an art gallery. Today I’m pondering circles. I don’t know, though, I’m so in love with following the design of the quilt top when I actually quilt it. I’m trying to mix things up though, y’know, try something new. We’ll see. Oh! but sweetest of all is that Kate thanked me on her blog. So nice of her and fun to see my name up there! She’s also got a giveaway going on, so check out her post for the Moda Blog Hop and enter to win.

WIP Wednesday

Finishing the quilting on this new boy’s quilt made with Ann Kelle’s Urban Zoologie fabrics. This one already has a home it will be going to, but the design will be available on Etsy for custom orders.

newest boy's quilt