Sew Together Tuesday: Lovey Loves by Melly&Me

This week we worked on the absolutely adorable Lovey Love pattern from Melly & Me, just in time for Easter! I was introduced to this pattern months ago and I’ve just been waiting to share it for this episode. It’s easy to construct and is a fun mix of cotton and Cuddle.

If you’re new to sewing 3D objects or you’re interested in sewing plushies, this is a great start. You’ll learn how to: appliqué on Cuddle, sew a shaped head, and sew a sharp curve on Cuddle the easiest way possible.

I hope you’ll join us to make your own lovey and show it off by using #loveylove and #sewtogethertuesday hashtags.

I’ll be back on April 11 to show how to make an easy pet bed with Luxe Cuddle on Sew Together Tuesday.

Happy sewing!

Finally–Sew Together Tuesday is back

It’s our third week live from the new Kansas City studio, but it was our first episode with a full sewing project and man, did it feel good to be back at it. The set looks good. The new Baby Lock Chorus sews like a dream. The viewers are there and commenting. And the Lovey Love (pattern by Melly & Me) went swimmingly.

Today’s project was a sweet little toy, perfect for folks wanting to try sewing with Cuddle®, but aren’t quite ready to jump into the deep end of stuffed animals with me. The head is only three pieces and requires some careful sewing, but the rest is so simple there is nothing to keep anyone from being able to create it. Plus there were a few fun extra tips that I got to share and it all went really well, I think.

Last year was an adventure, for sure, getting to meet so many shop owners, sewists, and quilters out there on the road. But there’s something really good about being in one place producing sewing tutorials. The continuity of space, not to mention internet, cannot be overstated. For everyone who supported the Sew Together Tuesday: On the Road series, I cannot say thank you enough, for their patience, acceptance, cheerleading and hospitality.

We’ll be taking a break next week and getting ahead of the next few projects, but I’ll be back before then. Until then…

Happy sewing!