Quilting for a cause

I’d made this quilt a couple of weeks ago and was going to put it up on Etsy until I heard about the Quilts for Quake Survivors. My housemates were in Japan during the quake, so it hit a lot closer to home than expected. We have former exchange students in Japan, too, and maybe from all my time in Vietnam… I don’t know, but for some reason, this natural catastrophe has upset me more than most. I wanted to do something and even though a little quilt isn’t a whole lot, it’s something.

They are also putting on quilting bees to make more quilts that will be sold and raffled off to generate money that will go to Mercy Corps to help quake victims. I was able to participate last night and plan to finish the one I started to bring back next week and sew another one, too.

I know it’s the little things that matter in the end and this is one little thing I can do.