Snow has returned…

At least it was a reason to bring out the candles and make it even prettier.

What was originally intended as a dinner party, turned out to be an intimate family-style dinner with our household plus Stuart’s friend and his dad. The food was good and the view out the windows was beautiful, so as disappointing as it was to have to cancel the party due to the snow… well, at least was enjoyable. The trees that surround the house were covered with a fair helping of snow and the whole front yard was white.

The two younger ones, Ryan and Audrey, took off down the street and played down the street with the neighbors. They were all glad we live in such a hilly area–perfect for sledding down the streets.

This isn't just a dusting, believe-you me.

As of this morning, the deck is still covered, the fog has hidden all the neighbors and it’s a bit of a winter wonderland out there.

If it melts we’re doing an encore performance of the dinner party. If not, maybe we can friends over tomorrow? Frustrating, but the kids love it.

As for me, it’s back to organizing my sewing area and prioritizing projects.

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