My “Show Up” quilt

Quilted, but not yet bound.

Lisa Congdon has been an artist I’ve followed casually for a long time. She first came to my attention back in 2013 when she designed fabric for Cloud9 Fabrics. Around the same time she moved to Portland and she had my attention. Then last year, Sam of Hunter’s Design Studio worked with her to create a quilt pattern from one of her designs. I was sold.

The Show Up Quilt pattern has various sizes available and I chose to do the wall-hanging size. The entire quilt is paper-pieced, which at first seems weird because it’s just a bunch of triangles. But Sam kept the whimsical, imperfect feel of Lisa’s art by making each triangle different. I love the hand-drawn feel of the quilt, rather than striving for perfection of points and smooth text.

I used Kona Cotton solids for all of it, including the orange backing. I used Quilters Dream Fusible 80/20 for the batting.

Brewery Art Walk in Los Angeles, April 2019
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