Sew Together Tuesday: Quilt Cadets

This week we did a whole series of patterns (rather than just one project for the week) and focused on Quilt Cadets patterns, an offshoot of Latifah Saafir Studios. They are super cute patterns written with kids in mind, so there’s no fancy lexicon and easy step-by-steps to help kids of all ages complete these projects.

Whether you’re new to sewing or new to sewing with Cuddle, these are fab patterns to add your collection. Plus she offers some super cute little badges that you’ll earn as you progress through the patterns.

The first day, we made the Enchanted Travel Pillow, a pattern designed in conjunction with Little Pincushion Studio. Who doesn’t love unicorns? Okay, some don’t, but for them they can take off the horn and make a horse or just do the dragon version. Any way you do it, it was super simple and ridiculously cute.

Make a Unicorn Travel Pillow with me!

For Day 2, we used the Brekky Bag pattern and I made the PopTart version. One of the Shannon Fabrics’ Brand Ambassadors, Jackie Hillman, had made the waffle version, so I wanted to try out the other. I think the PopTart is stinking cute and kinda think I will use the bag myself. 😉

Make a Brekky Bag with me!

For the final day, we made what turned out to be my favorite project: Mood Pillows. The ability to create whatever you want to with this pattern made me pretty happy, especially since when I started with the sample I was feeling pretty grumpy. You’ll have to watch the video to see the version I made of myself, but it makes me laugh and I really needed that.

Make a Mood Pillow with me!

You can find these and all the other cute Quilt Cadets patterns here: Go check them out and buy yourself a merit badge or three–you’ve earned it!

Happy sewing!

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