Selling in the Streets

Saturday was the annual Whole Foods Hollywood Hootenanny, a conglomeration of Whole Foods market, local crafters and kids’ activities that takes over a street in the Hollywood area of Portland. The woman next to me has done this particular street fair for the past three years, but the woman on the other side was a newbie, like me. I signed up for it months ago just to see what people would think of my wares.

And that’s what I did. I got some really good feedback from folks, lots of comments, a handful of sales and some remembrance of what it was like when I did craft/street fairs before. It was better this time, thanks to the support of my daughter both before, during and after the sale.

I’d like to do another one or two as it gets closer to the winter holidays, but first I’ll be doing some studying up on ways to increase sales and customer response. And then I’ll share them with you. I promise.

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