Remember that Rooibos Sewalong?

I barely do and I’m the one who was so gung-ho about it. Of course, that was two months ago and everyone else has long ago finished their dress. I just started on my muslin version of the Rooibos pattern last Saturday morning. The kids weren’t up yet so I had time to lay out white fabric across the floor without any “oops! sorry, mom” incidents.

One little complaint is that I didn’t love the way there are so many sizes on one pattern. On a few pieces they split it up by sizes. Like the Bodice Front, for example, has one piece that is size 0-8 and another that is 10-18. This makes following your size’s cutting line a whoooole lot easier than when size 0-18 are on one piece. I just did a little guess and go on that mass of cutting lines and hoped for the best. {shrug} It worked.

I didn’t have time to sew it on Saturday, but thanks to a bout of insomnia yesterday, I finally got to stitch the muslin. I did a full-on version of it, just didn’t finish seams or back-stitch and the dress took me just about an hour to make. Sweet.

The super awesome thing about it? It actually fits really well, right out of the box. I will have to make a couple small adjustments–the back dart is weird and sticks out like a bust dart on my back. Fixed that little oddity. And then I’ll be adding six whole inches to the hem line so I can do a more than 5/8″ seam as suggested and so it will hit my knee when I’m standing. But that’s it. Two little changes.

Bring on the linen! I need a new love and I think Colette Pattern‘s Rooibos dress is gonna be it.

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