Pattern Review: Sydney Top

Are you familiar with Seamwork? It’s an online magazine of sorts from the folks behind Colette Patterns that features articles about various aspects of sewing and includes a couple of patterns with each issue. When I got the May issue, I knew I needed to make the Sydney top that was featured.

I loved the cropped look since it would cover my shoulders in sleeveless dresses, but not cover my waist/hip curve (one of the few body parts I’m okay with).  I really, really liked the look of it. So when I had a recent Sunday morning all to myself, I set to it.  I found this grey, lightweight linen in my stash and thought it would the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe.

The pattern was easy to construct and I made it in the medium size. I generally go for large (thanks to those motherly hips o’ mine), but figured I’d go slightly smaller on the top since I wanted it to have less ease and fit similar to the photo.

The linen worked beautifully and I simply cut longer bias strips than the pattern called for (I wanted less seams) and used the rotary cutter instead of the pattern to keep it even.

The hem is unfinished bias and while it’s not my favorite look, I figured I would give it a try. I like it okay except for the curl it wants to take on. 

I used french seams otherwise for a clean finish.

By the time I was finished though, in just under two hours, I could tell it wasn’t quite what I expected it to be. But I remained hopeful.

Until I tried it on. I tugged and pushed and re-arranged, hoping to find something redeemable about it. But there was nothing. It’s at least four inches longer than it shows in the photo (and the small is less than an inch shorter on the pattern). It tugs funny at the shoulders. In short, I look like I’m wearing a short sack. (Don’t mind the lousy selfies in my tiny house!)

Seriously. It couldn’t be much less attractive on me, hiding the fact that I have breasts, waist and hips all in one fell swoop.

So I’ll be up cycling that linen into another project because it is far too nice to have it languish in the closet and I’m never wearing that top in public. Ever.

Man, I hate sewing fails.


Pattern Name: Sydney by Seamwork/Colette Patterns
Time Required: 2 hours
Rating:  Beginner
Would I Make It Again?: Nope
What I Changed: I cut the bias strips with a rotary cutter instead of the pattern piece, but that was it.

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