Oops–a cutting mistake & how to “fix” it

Sometimes I shouldn’t be talking while using a rotary cutter and this was the result recently. I was making a sample for an upcoming Sew Together Tuesday and instead of cutting the square, I kept on cutting into the fabric. Oops! Considering this was nearly two yards of Cuddle® fabric, I wasn’t about to just throw it away and start over. I had to figure out a way to fix it.

The first thing I did is pulled out my handy roll of Heat Press Batting Together, a fusible tape that is made to hold batting together. I figured it might work for this knit fabric, too, since it has a little stretch and is extra thin. I used a medium setting on my little Oliso iron and bandaged it back together on each of the four(!!) layers that I mis-cut.

Side note: I was hoping I could cut all four layers of the Digital Cuddle® at the same time to save a little effort. What I found was one mistake was multiplied by four. I cut past the line *and* the fabric shifted enough the each corner is slightly different from the others. Lesson learned.

You can see below this worked just fine. You can still see the cut line, but it’s not bad.

Then I did a little zig zag over it to secure the layers together with the tape. It was a tiny zig zag (2.5mm long and wide). I just stitched slowly, using my stiletto as needed to keep the edges together.

The finish isn’t great, but it’s not terrible either, and since it’s going to be mostly unseen, I’m okay with it. Besides it was nearly two yards of fabric I messed up… sigh.

I learned a few things with this little goof:

  1. Don’t get cocky and think I can cut more than 2 layers at a time accurately.
  2. Don’t be afraid to fix things instead of throwing them away.
  3. Measure twice, cut once and don’t have conversations while you’re doing any of it.

Happy sewing!

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