Hitting the Arcade with the Kids

On Saturday afternoon we headed out to Vincom Towers to visit the arcade. You can imagine our disappointment when we arrived and the doors were locked, the room was empty. Of course there was a sign, but we couldn’t read it. Frustrated, we decided to walk around the mall and just happened to stumble upon the arcade.

Audrey at the Vincom Towers arcade
Audrey rode every simulated horse ride available. Surprisingly, there were several.

Stuart and Zach played all sorts of games, including (to my utter dismay) this shoot-'em-up selection..
Take note of the enormous breasts to the left of Stuart's head. I'd walked by them a dozen times before Audrey brought them to my attention. Behind us was a gigantic male torso, as well.

On our first night out as a foursome and for only the second time in all our months in Vietnam, a foot got run over by a motorbike. And of course, it was Zach’s foot.

Note the treadmarks over his toes. This would be the joy of Hanoi traffic.

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