Happy children because of YOU

Thanks to each and every person who helped out with my sewing drive last fall. I think we may have lost one box along the way, but I realized with this last shipment that if I forked over the extra for Express Mail, it really does get there faster. I mailed two boxes last Friday (28 lbs of clothes!) and they arrived six days later.

There were some issues with import taxes and such, but nothing to prevent the kids from getting what they needed. Lucky for us, Lyn Quilty is there and was able to get the stuff to the kids. And the best part are the picture because seriously, could she look any prouder to have a new bag? Girls_shoulderbags

And this one is thrilled to show off her pencil case. So freakin’ cute, I just want to scoop her up and dance around with her. Gai_pencilbag photo by Lyn Quilty

Then there’s this young girl, happy in her lovely Popover dress. Adorable, eh?


I’ve been talking with Lyn a bit and looking into getting back over there myself sooner rather than later. I don’t know exactly how, though it will likely involve selling  a good deal of my belongings again, but I’m sure I will make it happen. One way or another. I miss their sweet faces and with several orphanages to help out, I might as well go myself to hand out what is needed and where. Right? 🙂

If you are interested in helping make items for more orphaned kids or sponsoring a shipment, read this.

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