First day jitters

It’s been a summer of change for us: some good, some bad. But today marked the official end of summer vacation for the daughter as she headed back to school. 20130910-233750.jpgBut it’s different this year with a new home in another state and a whole new set of expectations to try to live up to. We had a rough start to it and I can only hope that things improve as she learns the ropes.

It’s hard being a mother, perhaps particularly so a single mother, sending your kid into a situation you know will be traumatic. My girl has a tough shell, but like all of us she’s tender and more than anything I want to be close enough to take her hand and tell her it’ll be okay, that I believe in her every minute, every hour of every day.

I know she’s wonderful and funny and smart and pretty. I just want her to know it, too.

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