Deliveries in Vietnam

I can’t tell you how over-the-top excited I was to get this message on my Facebook wall from my dear friend Mrs. Hanh:
[I am so in love with her English skills…just adorable. I wrote about her in my book and it always made me smile to write her dialogue.]

But the real point is: Box one has arrived!!! There will be at least six, sent one at a time until we can find our way back over and we’ll take the remainder with us.

It’s great to hear that it’s arrived and the orphans will begin getting all the treasures that were made them. Unfortunately, we probably won’t get pictures from Mrs. Hanh as I doubt she has the technology and now that the volunteers are no longer in Tam Ky, there are no foreigners with cameras to call on for pics. I promise if I get any, though, I’ll post them.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out with my Sewing for Orphans project. I’m thrilled that although the deadline has long passed, I keep getting little deliveries for the orphans. Just lovely.

xo, t!

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