Chúc mừng năm mới!

We celebrated another lunar new year with friends and lots of food. Lots of good Vietnamese food.

Phở Gà and Phở Chay
Banana Flower Salad
Marinated Tofu and Sauteed Asian Greens

One comment on “Chúc mừng năm mới!
  1. Anna says:

    Hi Teresa, I have been googling “da nang” and “tam ky” orphanages and I came upon your blog. I am planning a trip to Southeast Asia and am looking into volunteer opportunities to volunteer with young kids in Vietnam. I found your blog and would very much appreciate if we could connect and I could ask you something? I have read pros and cons about having a volunteer placement secured via a volunteer organization vs. finding an opportunity to volunteer while in the country, and I’m leaning toward finding my own placement. I’m hoping I might be able to ask you about the Tam Ky children’s orphanage – do you happen to have any contact information for the orphanage? Also, do you know if the Tam Ky orphanage is the orphanage GVN arranges placements at?

    Many, many thanks.