Part of the requirements for graduating with my bachelor’s degree includes two years of a foreign language. Portland State University doesn’t offer American Sign Language as a foreign language (don’t even get me started on this one), but after doing some checking, I found that I could test out of the requirement rather than take two years of another language. I contacted the local community college, set up an appointment and went in last night for the testing. It went smoothly and I understood everything; he said “wow good skills” before asking if I recognized him. Come to find out it was Mark Azure; a well-known face in the sign language curriculum that is used throughout the States. Geez louise. So glad I didn’t know it was him when I came in or the communication would have been a lot more nerve-wracking. The testing in done, so now I have to get the form that he can sign off on my ASL proficiency. Then today I head off to class to satisfy another requirement for graduation. It looks like I might actually pull this whole ‘bachelor’s degree’ thing off.

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