Weekend in the Rainforest

Since I’m working five days a week for the entire duration of our time in Vietnam, our chances […]

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Just a shout-out to my mom who’s celebrating her 60th birthday today. No matter when we’re away, we […]

Kitchenware–Vietnamese style

So certain niceties of life in America are missing here. One that’s come into clear focus here is […]

No Look Monkey

Last Thursday, a monkey tried to attack me. One of my evening students, Nam, and his wife took […]

Attack of the Mosquitoes

Since we moved last week from room 211 to 213, our mosquito population has been near zero in […]

Free Time

It’s all the kids have these days–hours and hours to do as they please. Of course, this often […]

Teaching as a family affair

Thursday was test day for the students. In the big picture, it’s actually a test for me–a way […]

Weekend in Ha Noi

Saturday morning we headed north with Mr. Bruce, another foreign teacher here at Hong Duc (though not for […]

Zander takes on the globe

I am officially green with envy. Add to that list, one more fellow who is doing what he […]