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What started as a comment on a friend’s Facebook page: “Hey, I have that pattern, too!” ended up with three of us making the same dress over a weekend.

Jen over at BettyCrockerAss made hers using a shirting fabric, I used Robert Kaufman’s Essex yarn-dyed linen and Kim from Go-Go Kim picked a knit fabric for hers. I really love the fabric, even though it wasn’t what I’d initially wanted. Marie over at Cool Cottons suggested it when I asked for linen and I’m super-glad she did (and I listened this time!). It’s a bit rough, so the lining was extra important to keep it from annoying me.

I’d love to make it again, using a different weight fabric, perhaps a voile or something with a little stretch in it. The back doesn’t have as much ease as I’d like. I can’t reach up with two hands, it pulls so tight. Feels a bit like the snugness of vintage dresses, so it isn’t a deal-breaker, but seriously Vogue, let’s try to add a little more ease into these patterns.

In the background, I’ve been working on writing the book more than sewing. I did make some rice/ice bags (thanks to the blog inspiration of Lori Holt) for the GuyFriend as he struggles with a broken ankle that they can’t set quite yet.

Next week I’ll be finishing up that wall quilt, then working more on figuring out just what we have for the orphans and what they may still need when this is over.

So much to do! I find myself a tad overwhelmed at times, but I know it’s for the best. Idle hands and all…

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