New store, new finds

Back when I was really into sewing and making aprons all the time, I knew every fabric store in town, but school and travels and teaching and work all got in the way and I’ve neglected the local shops.

On Saturday, I had some time to kill. The daughter was at a slumber party, the son was with friends and I decided to swing by Bolt up on N.E. Alberta.

I’d seen the shop from the street a hundred times, but never wanted to stop because I knew, I just knew, I’d never get out without dropping a large wad of cash. I couldn’t justify it until Saturday. I stopped to just “take a look” and came out with 10 different fabrics. Oops! The selection was fantastic; the sales people were helpful and there was a kick-ass sale going on. I just need to put a few of these to use before I can make a return visit.

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