WIP: Camera Bag

I told her months ago, I’d make her a camera bag for her birthday. We’re down to six days left and I’ve been thwarted by mechanical issues. But I pulled out my old machine, the one who’s never let me down and got a bunch done last night.


The exterior is nearly finished and I’ve cut out all the rest of the pieces, so it should be a pretty straightforward assembly from here on out.

The peacoat, on the other hand? Well, I still can’t find that pattern. And I already have two copies of it. How does that happen?


Savannah Swing Coat — in progress

While at Quilt Market last October, I bought Kay Whitt’s lovely Savannah Swing Coat ($11 by Sew Serendipity). I love the vintage styling and the variations she included (cropped vs. hip-length, shortened sleeves vs. long sleeves, collar modifications).

I’ve been holding onto it for months now, but finally got to making it last weekend. I’d cut out a week before and put it together (mostly) on Friday evening. So while my daughter had a sleepover with her buddy, I watched HappyThankYouMorePlease (which I’d give a thumbs-up for some super-realistic relationship drama) and then Apocalypto (though following the captions while sewing meant I missed out on a lot of the conversation, but none of the blood and gore).

It went together pretty easily, though I didn’t use her primer much. I tend to just wing it, which I did, and I don’t particularly love her directions or illustrations. Just a personal thang.

I’m at the point now where I’m supposed to hand-stitch the entire hem of the coat. But I may see what I can do to avoid all that hand-stitching. I’m lazy, what can I say?

So far, I like the jacket. I made the size that fit my measurements, but it’s a little tight in the shoulders when I reach and feels slightly constricting when I pull it over like it’s buttoned. If I make it again, I’ll go with a size up.

I couldn’t figure out the ruched collar bit. Despite several efforts with several fabrics, I couldn’t find a way to get the oversized ruched part to fit to the undercollar without adding pleats or gathers. I even followed her instructions at that point, but nada. Extremely frustrating and a few choice words might have been uttered.

When I finish-finish I’ll post a bit more ‘advice’ on using the pattern. For now, I’ll still recommend it, with a few caveats. 🙂

fabric originally meant for a re-upholstering project, now a coat with cream cotton lining


So much going on…

I met Happy Zombie and she took my picture with the Christmas Tree Pants I used her pattern in the sew-along group:

I made the Ruffled Hobo Bag for a co-worker, a pattern by Kay Whitt and included in her Sew Serendipity Bags book (a review forthcoming, I swear!).

I continue to work on that lovely quilt by Kate Spain, something I stressed about for far longer than I should have.

I went to Quilt Market in Houston, Texas and met all sorts of people I’ve admired from afar and a few from Portland, even. That even deserves about 12 posts, but I’ll keep it short for now and post more later.

Me and my buddy Ty 🙂

I’m getting ready to start on some stockings for the post-Thanksgiving sale and my own Christmas presents, while trying to tuck in birthday festivities for my daughter, son and nephew, along with moving. Yeah, I’m a sucker for punishment. Oh my…