Floating around Tam Coc

Thanks to the kindness of my student Chinh, we were able to hitch a bus down to Ninh Binh and a cab ride out to Tam Coc. She has always lived within an hour’s drive of the beauty that is Tam Coc, but had never been. It was my pleasure to bring her along for the ride.

Chinh, Audrey and I as we take off down the river, a woman paddling behind Chinh in the boat.
Limestone karsts fill the area surrounding Tam Coc and Ninh Binh. The local goats call them home.
This is my dream retirement right here. Someday.
Stuart and Zach take the river in their own boat, fending off the hard sell by pointing out they were just kids. In the other boat, I got suckered into buying a t-shirt and table cloth.
Thumbs up for Tam Coc with friends and family!
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